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The Mahatma Gandhi College Raipur (C.G.)) was established under section 05 of the Chhattisgarh Niji Kshetra Vishwavidyalaya (Sthapana Aur Viniyaman) Adhiniyam 2002 (No. 2 of 2002) vide Notification of the Govt. of Chhattisgarh But in pursuance of the directions issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in paras 45 and 46 of the judgement in Writ Petition(Civil) 19 of 2004, delivered on 11/02/2005. MG College came in existence on 2004.


The School Education department Govt. of C.G. has given NOC to the Mahatma Gandhi College through the SCERT for establishment of New B.Ed. college The NCTE has given approval to the MG College for starting B.Ed. course with an intake of 100 students; from session 2005-06 vide its letter No. WRC/ .


1. To provide instructions, teaching and training in Higher Education and make provisions for research, advancement and dissemination of knowledge especially in the field of education;

2. To create world class institute in the field of higher education.

3. To carry out teaching and research and offer continuing education programmes using modern tools like Problem Based Learning and Video conferencing in the field of education.

4. To create centres of excellence for research and development and for sharing knowledge and its application;

5. To provide consultancy to the industry and public organizations in the field of Education;

6. To contribute to the development of the knowledge economy of Chhattisgarh especially in the field of Education.

Specialty of our Institute

A student often thinks, 'why should I go to a college/ Institute what can it offer me?' People from all ages and backgrounds have decided to enter higher education, for a variety of reasons. Although the decision to enter higher education is a very individual one, many students enter university to experience a lifestyle or meeting new people.

A good institute is about more than what is taught within the walls of its classroom. It is about getting involved and becoming a part of campus life. From joining a student organization to volunteering in the community, leadership skills are a necessity. The personal development and growth that a student experiences will make him/her more organized, confident, and capable of handling the responsibilities of college and career. He will greatly enhance his ability to work in a more effective and efficient manner with a broader scope of people.

Institutions may be created by individuals but the creators cannot regulate its growth as the institutions get their own life and they proceed according to that. All that one can do from outside is to try and have such people who can give the correct guidance. By guidance meansnot forcing any ideology or restricting the conduct in a particular way. Guidance is to see how the personality of the individual is allowed to grow in its own way. Whether it is one mile away or a thousand miles away, going to a good college can be a very exciting, especially for the first-year students. Unfortunately, experience has taught us that many first-year students do not realize that going to a college requires a transformation from their previous high school mentality and lifestyle. The situations and decision-making that students experience in college, whether academic or personal, are often radically different from the circumstances they experienced in high school—making it safe to conclude that a first-year student is still in the mindset of a high school student.

Often college students focus so much on academics that they neglect other psychosocial aspects of their lives. These aspects include social relationships (significant others, parents, and friends), environment (students are not conscious that they need time to adapt to a new environment), physical health (students often do not exercise or practice relaxation to help relieve their academic stress and frustrations), and religion and spirituality (students may not focus on gaining support from their qualification is the ultimate goal for any undergraduate. But university life is not just about studying. Meeting new people and enhancing their social and recreational opportunities are also part of the student experience.

A high quality of life for students is a clear demonstration of our commitment to educational opportunity. Many factors impact the quality of student life. An excellent library, state-of-the-art information technology, appropriate laboratories and classrooms all affect the academic dimension of student life. Widespread and varied leadership and social opportunities for students to make them all rounder in their educational experience. One of the chief determinants of the quality of student life is the degree of interaction between faculty and students. Communion of faculty and students is the core of learning. Skilled teachers intensify learning by providing authentic instruction and meaningful assignments while holding high expectations for all students. Such assignments deal with the significant concepts of a discipline, incorporate higher-order thinking skills, are connected to the "real world," and allow substantial time for discussion and idea sharing among students.

With the diverse population of students in universities today, educators must strive to create a system that reflects and celebrates diversity and allows the students to reach high standards. Educators can create new paths to learning standards by providing more learning options for students.


During the proceeding academic session 2005-06, a lot of educational programs have been conducted by the Institute for increasing teaching capability, personality development, mental status and IQ of our students. Besides this some social, cultural and sports activities were also organized to promote the students for achieving success and goal in their life. Some of the briefs are mentioned as under :

1. Students participated in various seminar/ conferences and symposium organised by different colleges of Chhattisgarh region for knowing latest technique of teaching and education. Few lecturers are presented research papers on the theme of seminar.

2. Institute has organized two workshops for the students to improve their personality development and memory power. Better personality and sharp memory power will definitely help them to become a good teacher.

3. Institute has organised some quiz competition in various occasion i.e. Gandhi Jayanti, UNO Day, Chhattisgarh state formation day etc and also conducted a written General Knowledge exam. In our opinion, these quizzes and G.K. exams prepare the students to compete in different competition exams.

4. Reading news paper and displaying on notice board is compulsory for each student turn by turn.. Besides this every week Institute organise debates, speeches and group discussion on various current topics, which helps student to be aware about current affairs and their impact on society.

5. All the students and staff members of the institute spent a whole day in a village of Raipur district for collecting information about the uneducated people especially young girls and delivered lectures about various education programs and policies of the state government. Villagers are also informed about merits and demerits of issues related to child education, early marriage, education of girls/ adults and demerits of being uneducated, child marriage. Visiting team has also given a lot of information about different courses, admission process, admission through competitive exams, free coaching for SC/ST/OBC students, fellowship in higher education for girls and boys etc to those students, who have already left their study after passing higher secondary school.

6. MG College organized a sports competition among B.Ed. colleges, in which four B.Ed. college of Raipur city participated in various sports disciplines. Different sports were organised under individual and team events separately for boys and girls. In some sports students of our institute got first prize and in over all performance MG College achieved second position in combined sports meet.

7. In various academic and cultural activities, which were organised by different B.Ed. colleges of Raipur, MG College has also participated in different activity and our students performed well in all the activities. Our participants won the prizes in models/ teaching aids making, presentation in lesson plans, debates/ speeches, dance, drama, music, decoration of salad, rangoli and mehendi. Participation in various competitions among different colleges encouraged our students to do well in the life.

8. Special attention has been provided by the sponsoring body of the institute for enhancement of the teaching capacity of the faculty members.

9. Intense weekly tests helped to increase the knowledge of our students and prepare them to perform best in the final Examination.

10.In the final examination of B.Ed., conducted by the state affiliating university i.e. Pt. Ravishankar University, Raipur, students of MG College performed very well and the result of the institute was excellent. Out of 100 students enrolled in the institute. 90 students appeared in annual examination. 10 students passed the examination with first division, 77 students passed with second and third division. Only 7 students remained fail in the examination

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